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Female Bodybuilding Contest Tips

Are you interested in how to prepare for a female bodybuilding contest? Female bodybuilding and figure competitions are mainstream these days. With the Internet, many ladies are realizing that it's not just for the beauty queens in the ever-so-popular magazines, but everyday people enter them, too and do quite well. With the correct bodybuilding or figure competition information you can take your body to the next level and compete in a show!

One of the main road blocks many female bodybuilders and figure competitors run into while prepping for a contest is they get lost in an abundance of information.

Information overload can DESTROY your best contest prep intentions. Many people that are new to the fitness sport gather a TON of competition prep information. While this is good, the downfall is that they use EVERY method they have outlined, leaving no back up sources for when a plateau strikes.

Here are some tips to help you become a successful natural female bodybuilder or figure competitor...

Female Bodybuilding Contest Tip #1

Maintain a Consistent Off-Season Diet - You can't realistically look 100% on your contest day if you haven't maintained a clean and consistent off-season diet. You can't go from eating pizza and burgers all winter and attempt to clean it up come January and expect to enter a female bodybuilding contest or figure competition in May.

While you may make some physical changes, you won't be in the shape you could have been if you ate well in the off-season. Off-season is the time to build muscle quality and density. It's extremely difficult to attempt to build density and lose body fat at the last minute.

Female Bodybuilding Contest Tip #2

Last Minute Preparation - This can fall under the lines of the above to some degree, but what I'm putting emphasis on here are those who decide on a contest at the last minute, thinking they can start from scratch and prepare in 12 weeks.

Female bodybuilding contest and figure competition preparation takes time, effort, and vision. While I have seen many take the last minute approach, it's quite obvious they were not prepared and just competed for the sake of saying, "I did it".

Female Bodybuilding Contest Tip #3

Cutting Carbs Too Soon - Granted, limiting and even restricting carbohydrates will lean you up, get you hard, defined and detail your physique, but many, TOO MANY competitors go about this in the wrong manner.

You can't realistically cut carbohydrates until you have them in your diet first. The best approach for reducing carbohydrates and lose body fat is to cycle your carbohydrates down slowly. This way you are always presenting something new to your body and it keeps your body responding by shedding fat. By the time you are in your final week of dieting, you will be on very low carbohydrates and showing a great amount of detail. However, you can't get to this point overnight. Dieting down properly takes time and it should follow a formula.

Female Bodybuilding Contest Tip #4

Supplementing - Supplementing your contest diet and training is crucial if you are planning to step on stage. When you prepare for a female bodybuilding contest or figure competition you are putting your body under a GREAT DEAL of stress mentally, physically, and nutritionally.

You MUST compensate with natural supplements that provide nutrients such as a quality vitamin/mineral. Adding sports nutrition supplements to aid in muscle growth and recovery, as well as fat burning will be a plus. Such products would include an array of metabolism kickers, glutamine, creatine, and HMB.

Female Bodybuilding Contest Tip #5

Cardio - Cardio is a tactic many competitors employ, thinking it will get them ripped. While cardio is wonderful for the cardio-pulmonary system, too much can destroy muscle gains and put you into over training mode.

Many newbie competitors start off with a terrible amount of cardio, up to an hour or two a day the first month. When your body adapts to this amount of exertion, what does it have to fall back on? Three hours a day? A better approach would be to start your cardio 16 - 20 weeks before your competition, starting with three days of 15 - 20 minutes and build on that every week in a slow manner. This way you have a backup method.

Female Bodybuilding Contest Tip #6

Last Minute Fatal Tricks - This is the deadly downfall to 90% of the newbie's and even some veteran competitors. Last minute fatal tricks can DESTORY you on your contest day. Don't get this confused with last minute TACTICS employed to further prepare you for contest day.

A fatal trick will be something along the lines of loading creatine the week before your show or eating a dozen donuts the night before your competition. Yes, I've seen these "tricks" used before and it will destroy a ready physique in a matter of hours.


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Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT


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My name is Karen Sessions and I am a nationally qualified life-time natural female bodybuilder, multi-certified fitness instructor, specialist in performance nutrition, and success coach.

I teach people Just Like You how to transform their bodies, get in shape, and compete in figure and bodybuilding competitions. It's a fact that when you have the CORRECT information you can have total confidence and turn your dreams into reality... and I can help transform YOUR body and take it to the competitive level.

I have helped THOUSANDS of clients reach their female bodybuilding contest goals and I can help you, too www.Competitive-Edge-Ebook.com.

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